Greenlyght Coin Has Launched And Is Now Expanding

Greenlyght Coin is the future of the Crypto world. While bridging the cannabis and crypto industries together, we are creating one-of-a-kind opportunities for our current and future investors.

When we did our public launch on February 8, 2022, GLC started out with a price of $0.0003 and a 100k market cap. Our coin reached a 10 million Market cap within the first 50 days of launching. We passed our contract audit seen here. Our Whitepaper went live on March 26th and can be seen here. We launched our staking platform on the Sphynx Staking Platform on April 1st. Approximately 35% (175 million) of our coins are currently staked on the platform, and when the next “open enrollment period” happens in July, we expect there to be many more staked! Even More coins are locked into staking rewards, rewards for our metaverse and gaming platforms also coming soon and our burned coins which totals over 75% of Greenlyght Coins being locked/used.

Aside from our staking platform, that earns our long term Hodlers with passive income, and quarterly rewards of 2% BUSD rewards from our physical Greenlyght Delivery Company, there are many more things we’re proud of! We’ve got a monthly shilling contest that allows our community to enjoy a friendly competition by gaining points for posts. The top three from this competition get their chance at up to $500 dollars’ worth of Greenlyght Coin.

Another competition we have is the  NFT Competition. This allows anyone and everyone to participate in sending in original content to be made into a NFT to be sold through Greenlyght Coin’s NFT platform and get a chance to win up to $500 dollars for the top three voted pictures in the contest!
Aside from these two contests, we have had buying events when buying between certain dates, the wallets are entered into an online drawing and three random wallet addresses are chosen to win free GLC. There are tons of airdrops and giveaways planned for the future, so stay tuned!

Greenlyght Coin’s physical parent company is Called Greenlyght. Greenlyght provides cannabis dispensaries with the software to list their products online and another software to supply drivers with a delivery app to deliver, just like an Uber Driver would have an app for food delivery. They deliver cannabis related items to consumers. It has been in business for over 5 years and is currently expanding across the United States and we aim to go globally in the future! The website can be found here. We are currently in the process of releasing the delivery app for Apple devices. With the income of this company, it will provide 2% of profits towards staking rewards quarterly to our long term stakers. As the company grows, so will the 2% BUSD rewards.

Aside from the release of our Delivery App for Greenlyght, we have been forming our National Sales Team, we have finalized our marketing materials for our new team members, so they have the right materials they need to reach out to dispensaries across the Nation to get onboard with Greenlyght!

Another thing that we are looking forward to in the future is the release of our SECOND token Hiconyx! This is our NFT Utility token. The link for more information on this token can be found here. The HiCon token will use a percentage of the buy and sell tax to pump the liquidity of Greenlyght Coin. This is to help ensure that GLC will keep going up with its second token. It will also get a percentage of the NFT’s sold sent to Greenlyght Coin’s LP. We will be doing a presale for Hiconyx for our loyal stakers beginning May 4th, 2022. The following week on May 11th, we will open our presale to anyone who holds Greenlyght Coin. Public Launch of HiCon will follow.

As we are nearing completion of the release of our first ever set of NFT’s, we would like to let the community know that there are perks to owning these. In the future, upon release of these, the original owners of these NFT’s will get exclusive perks, such as, quarterly swag boxes, lavish boat parties and access to be a part of the Dev Team! These NFT’s are at 95% completion. We can’t wait to release these Globally!

Coming this month, we are having a live event in celebration for the release of our Hiconyx Token. This Event will be at The Hydrant, located at 187 Main St in South Paris ME. More details to come.

Our focus this week is to complete the NFT Collection and start digital and video marketing which will also be connected to the Hiconyx digital content.

Furthermore, our National Sales team will continue to schedule meetings with cannabis dispensaries to get them onboard with using out pick-up & delivery apps for their businesses.

We are excited to share with the community the amazing events happening with Greenlyght Coin and hope you are as excited as we are for bigger things!

  • KayBrister
    Posted at 23:16h, 01 May

    What an outstanding opportunity for anyone and everyone. So much going on and so worth watching grow into something spectacular! I’m here for it ♥️

  • Chris
    Posted at 07:08h, 02 May

    The future of GLC and its entire Ecosystem is looking so good! Can’t wait! Still setting the foundation!!!

  • Richard K Gibson
    Posted at 22:46h, 03 May

    Awesome. Loved the VC and tansparency. Yes, we are in for the long haul and love all that is GLC !!