HiCon Pre Sale Surpasses GLC Pre Sale In 1st Week

Welcome to week two of our Greenlyght Newsletter, Vol. 2.

This week we are going to let you know some of the things going on within our community! As you all know, beginning May 4th, we opened the presales for our Stakers to buy in on our brand new HiConyx Utility Token! This coin will be BIG! Aside from being the Utility token for Greenlyght and Greenlyght Coin, this token will be actively PUMPING liquidity into the Liquidity Pool of GLC! The Sales of this “Group 1 Presale” has outsold that of Greenlyght coin presale and we have had over 80 Presales in this group alone! Group 2 will open for GLC holders of .5 BNB or more worth of GLC. This will begin on May 11th and continue for two weeks. Public launch will be moved out a week to May 25th.

Aside from this, a percentage of NFT sales through HiConyx will also go into GLC. This means, that when our NFT’s drop, the initial sales of our NFT’s will give a percentage that goes straight into GLC’s Liquidity Pool. This is totally unheard of!

Among the above pumps into our GLC LP, the “Royalty Sales” will also pump our LP in GLC! So, this means if Daryl bought the first HiConyx NFT ever made and decided he wants to sell it to Jane for double the price, or however he wanted to sell it, HiConyx and Greenlyght Coin will gain royalties from these sales! Just like an author or a musician will gain royalties from the sales of their art, so will our companies! This is going to bring big things to Greenlyght!

Once the presale week for the stakers is over, we will move on to the presales for the Hodlers! This is the week of May 11th. So, if you couldn’t get into week one, week two is where its at. As we all know, to be able to get in on our presales for HiCon, you will have to have owned GLC prior to the presales, and not have sold Greenlyght Coin from April 20th until August 19th. This is a safety measure set into place to prevent the community from selling off their Greenlyght Coins so they can get in early on the new HiCon token. Our coins will work together hand in hand, and we want to keep it that way and want new money to come into Hiconyx. Just Remember that there is no Selling of Greenlyght to get into Hiconyx, or your account will be put under review.

As you have heard, Greenlyght Coin has been working on a Bridge into the Ethereum Network. This is going to be huge for our community. Not only will it be huge news for our investors, but it will also bring in new investors who aren’t familiar with the BSC network, allowing for many new people to join the Greenlyght Community! Once this is set into place, we will bring Hiconyx over as well, and HiCon will also have a bridge into the ETH network! Imagine how many more people will know about our coins!

In other news, our NFT team has been working non-stop on our NFT’s and knocking them out. Let’s all give them a round of applause on the amazing work they’ve done, and we can’t wait to list our amazing NFT’s in the future! 13 of 13 NFT’s are finished and look outstanding! These NFT’s are originals and have one copy of each of them! We are extremely proud of our First Collection! Cheers to many more! 
As you may have heard, we are working on a Greenlyght Coin/Hiconyx USA tour. This will consist of many dates we are establishing for our Dev Team to set out and meet new faces and make new contacts with different conventions, summits, and events in relation to Crypto, NFT’s, Metaverse, Cannabis, P2E Gaming and much more! This will give our team a chance to establish new connections all over the world and help us build better. We all can appreciate what our team did at Miami NFT Week and the amazing connections our team made there! Think Bigger!

As you may have heard, our whole website is getting a new look. Currently, we have several websites for our Greenlyght pack and dispatch apps, Roll with Us Challenge, Greenlyght Coin, Hiconyx, Sweep Widget, etc. This is about to Change drastically! We are about to roll out one master site with everything branching from the Master Greenlyght.com website. What this means, is that when you go to Greenlyght.com, you will be able to select from a drop-down menu and go to everything we have to offer, and everything will simply be in one place. Want to read about how to buy our NFT’s? Go to Greenlyght.com/nft. Want to know about how to buy Hiconyx? Greenlyght.com/hiconyx. Want to see the happenings on Greenlyght Coin? Greenlyght.com/greenlyghtcoin. This is so big! The simplicity of being able to find everything you need in one place by a couple clicks of a button will be so helpful to our community. We will have a bunch of “break out” pages with their own links you will be able to type in or click off our website. We are even adding a Greenlyght.com/merch tab where you can find all Greenlyght/hiconyx Merchandise and buy it with ease and get worldwide shipping! Greenlyght’s own NFT’s will have a tab on how to buy the NFT’s on the special platform we will list them on as well. We are going above and beyond here for a simplistic, user-friendly website that will cater to our investors, and future investors. We will have a 24/7 Live Support Chat available to anyone and everyone! We will have help ready for any situation. We will Have our “How to Get Started with Greenlyght” video series on the website as well. We will also have an “about us” section, and a weekly newsletter section on our website.

We’ve had an awesome couple of months here at Greenlyght and our entire team and community will continue to work hard and keep building the communities!

Let us know what you’re most excited about in the comments below!

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  • Chris
    Posted at 22:18h, 09 May

    What an amazing month it’s been for GLC! Absolutely love these newsletters! Let’s go GLC!