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Terms and Conditions: This is a private website and private club only. Must be over the age of 21. Any payments or remuneration received by Greenlyght, LLC or its associates are in exchange for our awesome Club Member Only Goods; such as but not limited to, t-shirts, odorless glass storage jars, learning consultations, and travel fee’s. Any free Marijuana or Cannabis gifts that may or may not be included by the driver are neither being advertised nor promoted to the public. This is a private website and private club, not open to the public. All rights reserved. Do you agree to the Terms and Conditions?  If you agree to the Terms and Conditions and are over the age of 21 then you can “Schedule a Delivery” below.

Delivery time slots are on a first come first serve basis so please plan accordingly

Scheduling a delivery on-line is fast, easy and our preferred way of scheduling our services.

Step 1.)

Scroll down and select how many things you would like delivered

Step 2.)

Select the very best time that works for you

Step 3.)

Confirm your delivery confirmation

Voilà You’re Done

After you schedule your delivery an official Greenlyght Driver will contact you to coordinate and confirm your delivery. During this conversation, you will be able to specify exactly what things you would like delivered.

Current Bud Menu

(Subject To Daily Availability)


Super Lemon Haze

White Widow

Pandora’s Box

Sage N’ Sour

Midnight Oil

Blue Dream






9# Hammer

Critical Hog

Wedding Cake

Ice Cream Man




1 Thing Is Equal To The Following

(One) 7 Gram Jar of Buds

(One) 1ml Oil Cartridge

(One) 600mg Coconut Oil

(One) Bag of 15 Cookies

(One) 30 Minute Learning Consultation

(Four) Greenlyght T-Shirts

2 Things Is Equal To The Following

(One) Greenlyght Spring Jacket

Additional Travel Rates May Apply For Deliveries Outside Of Portland

Thank you for using Greenlyght as your go-to trusted cannabis club delivery solution, and we’ll see you soon!